001 In the News

Three items of news this week that sent my mind off.

Studies found an increase in the rate of suicide since the 2008 financial crisis began. It is assumed that the financial crisis was the cause. I have never understood why someone would deal themselves out of the game for such a minor thing as money. But I suppose if a person is already on the edge, a financial shock will be enough. So pay attention when someone you know loses a big amount.

A car dealer lost his franchise when news came out that he’d ripped off a vulnerable customer. I’ve always thought it’s good business sense to treat your customers fairly. There often don’t seem to be enough consequences for intolerable behavior, but in this case some justice has been served.

This final article shows the foolishness of making money solely for your children. It’s good to leave your descendents without money worries, but it takes more than money to make them into the type of person that you are proud to carry your name.

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