Protect Your Brain, Improve Your Career

Fortune Magazine published a short article noting that some of the habits psychologists say we should adopt to avoid dementia in later life are also the kind of habits which will make us more successful in the office workplace. They are:

  1. Never stop learning;
  2. Immerse yourself in another culture, learn a new language;
  3. Seek out stretch assignments (ask your boss for harder jobs);
  4. Manage stress; and
  5. Have lots of friends.

I think they’re good ideas for new year’s resolutions. Useful whether you work in an office or not.

On point 5, they say the maximum number of friends anyone can keep track of is 120. I don’t think I have anywhere near that number. I wonder what they mean by ‘friend’? I’m going to start counting. In the meantime, how many friends do you have? What is the best way to make new friends? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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