Tips on Getting a Rental Flat

  • You will need to have enough savings to pay for the bond as well as rent in advance.
  • Costs might be higher than they were in your previous situation, so budget for that.
  • Put the word out that you are looking for a place. My latest tenant approached me directly when he saw me doing some work on my then-vacant rental property. I was happy to get the place rented without having to advertise.
  • Be prepared to prove to your landlord that you are responsible and able to afford the rent. Prepare your referee for a phone call.
  • Ask about for furniture, don’t buy it too soon. Chairs are a priority. Gumtree, Quokka, ebay, or their local equivalents, are good places to start. Try second hand shops and thrift shops.
  • Look for the smallest place you can bear to live in. Having only one room to eat, live and sleep in cuts down on air conditioning and furnishings. Not having a room mate means you don’t have to pay for their constant hair drying, failure to turn off the heater etc etc.
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