North America’s Biggest Diamond

Dominion Diamond Mines announced what it claims to be the biggest diamond ever found in North America at its 40% owned Diavik Mine. It looks a beauty! 552 carats and no obvious fractures (from what photos I’ve seen). They say it’s the size of a chicken’s egg. A small chicken’s egg, I think.

I’m kind of excited to see how big it is and what colour it will be after it’s cut. It looks yellow now, but will it be a fancy yellow or a dull yellow? Will it be cut in a fancy shape or a round brilliant? Will there be one stone or more?

The article suggests a value of $2 million. I guess it will be bought by some anonymous collector or investor and not seen again for years. The days when celebrities would buy a big stone, or have one bought for them, seem to be over for now.

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