Gold Myths 1: You Can’t Eat Gold

People who argue against investing in gold often sum up their reasoning with this falsehood. They then sit back with a smug grin as if it made some sort of sense. By ‘eating’ I think they mean ‘put into productive use’. They want you to think that you should not invest in anything which cannot make money by itself. They are wrong and foolish to think that. Even if they meant you can’t put gold in a sandwich and eat it, they are wrong on that point too.

Physically eating gold.

Pure gold is the most chemically stable metal. If you swallow some gold it will do you no harm. Some people even think it is beneficial. In times of crisis people have often swallowed gold to carry it safely through enemy lines or to save it from being stolen when their city was being plundered by an invader. More recently, refugees do this to carry their wealth across borders, secure from greedy government officials.

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